Project MAMA Response to COVID 19

Project MAMA is dedicated to protecting our communities and safeguarding the health of the expectant and new mothers that we support. In light of latest developments with Coronavirus, we are being conscientious in the way we are delivering our support. We are acting in accordance with Public Health England guidance and liaising with local NHS trust maternity units to deliver a safe and responsive service to protect both those we support and our volunteers. In addition, we recommend Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists for guidance and latest updates for pregnant women and health professionals.

We recognise that women accessing Project MAMA may experience additional vulnerabilities owing to socioeconomic, political, and personal circumstances. As an organisation, we feel we have a duty to support and stand in solidarity with those experiencing these vulnerabilities especially during such uncertain times. We believe our continued support is imperative. We will continue to provide support and respond to the unique needs of our clients in a means that it is most suitable and safe given the circumstances. 

All Mother Companion support will continue where possible, however, we believe that our physical presence could potentially add to these vulnerabilities. Utilising web and phone communication, we will continue to offer consistent and compassionate support, provide antenatal and postnatal guidance and signposting, paying particular attention to how these uncertain times have the potential to exacerbate pre existing mental health and/or trauma responses. 

Whilst we will remain open for referrals, our work will remain remote for the time being, offering antenatal support utilising telephone interpreting where required and able to offer support sessions via. telephone/internet. We will continue to offer robust and consistent support as we are able whilst maintaining a safe physical distance. 

We pledge to keep our clients informed of the current situation and guidance being released by local NHS trusts and Public Health England as the situation unfolds. We will continue to be available to collect and deliver groceries, prescriptions or post on behalf of our clients, when doing so themselves could be detrimental to a client and her family’s health and well-being. 

In addition, our weekly drop-in hub, Bumps & Babes without Borders will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

We offer respect and solidarity to midwives, obstetricians and healthcare workers working on the front line to ensure birthing women and their babies remain safe during this time.  

Best wishes,

Fiona Mann

CEO, Project MAMA

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