New Ambassador Announcement

Gabriella Wilde – ProjectMAMA Ambassador

We are so excited to announce our new ambassador Gabriella Wilde who is coming on board to support the vital work we do at Project MAMA.

Gabriella believes strongly in Project MAMA explaining, ‘properly valued and supported mothers raise children who equally feel valued and supported. The next generation needs people who feel whole and secure regardless of their background, who know kindness and gentleness and are part of a more inclusive society. This is where the work begins for so many of the problems the world faces. Project MAMA is on the front line supporting women facing extreme vulnerability in what I know can be an exceptionally vulnerable moment. This is important work that and as a mother myself, it is exceptionally close to my heart. It is an honour to be an ambassador for Project MAMA.’

Gabriella began working in fashion and film from 15 years old, working across the world on different projects in print, film and television from a young age. Gabriella said her hardest challenge was when she became a mother at 24, juggling work and raising her three children and states that becoming a mother being the most rewarding and difficult time of her life. Gabriella is currently raising her three boys in Somerset while intermittently studying psychotherapy and continuing her career in the film and fashion industries.

We’re so happy to have Gabriella on board to help support our vital work at Project MAMA.

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