So far this year…

It’s been a busy first half of the year here at Project MAMA. Whilst most of 2020 was spent providing much needed practical support to families through lockdown, we have been able to get back to basics during 2021.

Our Mother Companions Team have been busy supporting our mamas. This support takes many shapes and forms, from sharing information and non-medical advice to holding hands during the last stages of birth, depending on the mama’s requests and preferences.  Our one-to-one support spans from any stage in pregnancy, throughout labour and childbirth and for the first 8 weeks of parenthood to help her adapt to her new role.

Out of the 22 mamas we have supported during 2021, 12 of them have given births so far this year (as of end of July), with a few more mamas having their due dates approaching quickly. We also had 4 mamas who have given birth to their second or third child while being part of the project. As reported by our mother companions, it is such an honour to be part of a family’s life in that way and accompanying mamas through the process of welcoming a new member to their families.

We also had our first get together in 16 months! In July, we had our inaugural Project MAMA Picnic in the part, with amazing food prepared by our mamas and mother companions. It was a very special day spent catching up with mamas and welcoming expectant mothers into the fold. We are working on enabling more opportunities for our mamas to come together in the Autumn – watch this space!

Project MAMA is growing and in order to carry on providing one-to-one companionship and advocacy to our mamas, we are looking to expand our Mother Companion team of volunteers here in Bristol. Our Mother Companions ensure each mama-to-be gives birth safely, makes informed choices and receives the nurturing support they need for a positive birth and early parenting experience.

If you would like more information about becoming a Mother Companion, please click on this link.

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