Crowdfunder: Solidarity with pregnant Afghan women & other displaced mamas

Stand in solidarity with pregnant Afghan women and other displaced mothers in Bristol.

No one plans to flee their country whilst pregnant. We are fundraising to provide a safe and nurturing space and companionship to Afghan mamas during this crucial time.

We’ve seen on our screens the plight of so many Afghan people affected by inhumane treatment by the hands of the Taliban, disproportionately affecting the rights of women and girls. Bristol has stepped up as a city of sanctuary and is already welcoming Afghan citizens. 

We know that among the Afghan people arriving in Bristol, there are women who are heavily pregnant and we are working as fast as we can to support them through their transition from displacement into parenthood so no mama births alone. 

We know more mamas will be reaching for our support than we previously anticipated, so we are working to meet that demand, but we need your support. Please donate today in order to meet the needs of Afghan mamas and any others who need it.  

At Project MAMA we provide one-to-one birth companions to ensure each mother gives birth safely, makes informed choices and receives the nurturing support she needs for a positive birth and early parenting experience.

Supporting Mamas

Your donations will help us provide mamas with: 

  • One-to-one emotional and physical support from pregnancy, throughout labour and childbirth and for the first 8 weeks of parenthood; 
  • Support accessing healthcare and attend midwife appointments as they settle into a new environment;
  • Advocacy and information, facilitating communication between women and care providers so that she can make informed choices;
  • Access to birth and baby essentials. 

Stand in solidarity with mamas arriving in Bristol so no mama births alone.


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