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Are you committed to birth rights, standing in solidarity with displaced people & gender equality?

Project MAMA is seeking to recruit Trustees with a commitment to women’s and birth rights, gender equality and justice. We are looking for new board members who can help us strengthen the structure of our current board, supporting the board development as well as the charity’s governance. We are recruiting for several news Trustee positions, including a Treasurer and Secretary role. Other desired skills and experiences are detailed below.

Trustees are expected to attend one meeting every 8 weeks, that lasts around 2 hours, currently held via zoom, but we hope to blend these with face-to-face meetings intermittently. We additionally request 1-2 day’s commitment per month for Trustee duties relating to governance and supporting the operations team. 

Project MAMA Treasurer 

The Treasurer’s role is to liaise with the CEO and Operations Manager to advise and guide the Board on their financial planning and strategy. The Treasurer is the leading interface between Trustees and management on financial matters.

The role entails:

  • monitoring the financial administration of the charity and reporting to the board of trustees;
  • presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the charity’s financial position;
  • advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities;
  • overseeing the charity’s financial risk-management process;
  • acting as a counter signatory on cheques and applications to funders; 
  • overseeing and presenting budgets, internal management accounts and annual financial statements to the board of trustees;
  • ensuring that proper accounting records are kept, financial resources are properly invested and economically spent;
  • liaising with relevant members of staff;
  • chairing any finance committee and reporting back to the trustees;
  • monitoring and advising on the financial viability of the charity; and
  • overseeing the implementation of and monitoring financial systems, the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts.

Project MAMA Secretary

We are looking for a new Secretary to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Board of Trustees

  • Being familiar with the charity’s governing document, the legal responsibilities of charities registered with the Charities Commission and the charity’s internal governance rules;
  • Helping to ensure that charity trustees file all relevant statutory returns and information with the Charities Regulator (e.g. annual reports, changes to the charity’s details and/or trustees’ details);
  • Ensuring that the board of charity trustees are aware of the requirements to comply with the relevant codes such as the charity’s Code of Conduct;
  • Ensuring that decisions and actions of the board of charity trustees are accurately recorded and implemented;
  • Tracking progress with the charity’s strategic plan & risk register,
  • Making sure any correspondence for the charity trustees is brought to the attention of the board;
  • Making sure the timetable of board meetings for the year ahead is agreed;
  • Sending out notification of board meetings to charity trustees (and others where applicable);
  • Working with the Chairperson of the board to set each board meeting agenda, including the management of any agenda items received from other charity trustees;
  • Circulation of board papers/pack at least five days in advance of meetings; 
  • The secretary will play a support role in setting up and running any Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Other board roles

Some of the desirable experiences and skill sets are listed below. We do not expect applicants to have all of these. In your application, please indicate what expertise you feel you can bring to the board.

  • Experience in working with refugees or displaced people, with birthing people or within an advocacy setting; 
  • Experience in working in the charity sector;
  • Experience in organisational or charity development;
  • Experience in working with governance;
  • Experience in policy development;
  • Experience in human resources or people development;
  • Experience in fundraising.

If you feel like you have other skills that can benefit the charity, please tell us!

All successful applicants will:  

  • Be required to undergo an DBS check  
  • Be required to provide two references
  • Be required to sign an agreement around confidentiality  
  • Be able to commit to at least 1 year as a board member

We are especially interested in receiving applications from refugees and others who have had direct experience of the UK’s asylum system. We are also interested in applications from people from a diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds who might bring different perspectives on experiences and challenges to life in the UK.

We are able to provide travel costs associated with attending Board meetings (when these resume in person).

Please send a CV and a covering note outlining how you can contribute to board and what experience you can bring to the role to Asli Tatliadim, Chair of Trustees: 

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