Arwa’s Story

“Two days after giving birth, it’s like my mind was lost and then it came back. I wanted to eat, but I couldn’t see the plate well, it’s like it was up and down.” Arwa* tells us about her experience of new motherhood, her baby is 5 weeks old when we visit her and she shares how she has been finding her feet during the first few weeks of her baby’s life.
The first 40 days after giving birth is a period of connection and recovery for the mother and child dyad. This is a period where the hours and the minutes pass slowly, but the days and the weeks go fast. Arwa’s has been enjoying walking with the baby in the sunshine and spending some time with friends.

Her Mother Companions have been paying regular visits, making sure she is supported and that she can access the services her and her child need during this early period. For new mamas like Arwa, the support and companionship from a Mother Companion is essential, receiving a daily visit, call or text, knowing that there was someone on the other side of the line.
Her Mother Companion was with her for the birth of her baby. “She was with me from the beginning until the end. Sometimes if I remember that she was there, I just cry of happiness, I start crying. Because it was not easy, but she was with me from cero to end. I really appreciate that.” ⠀

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