Illegal Migration Bill

“This bill sets a worrying precedent for dismantling asylum-related obligations that other countries, including in Europe, may be tempted to follow, with a potentially adverse effect on the international refugee and human rights protection system as a whole,” – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk.

We are still processing yet another shameful and shocking move from our government this week. After months of challenge, in Parliament, by the general public, and even in the law courts, the Illegal Migration Bill has successfully made its way through Parliament and is set to become UK law. The Court of Appeal ruled it unlawful to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, the UN are issuing warnings, the EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, told Suella Braverman that she considers the Bill to be ‘violating international law’ and yet this very week it has passed through the House of Lords.

Once this aggressive and discriminatory bill is law, those who have entered the UK through ‘irregular routes’ since the 7th March 2023 will be criminalised and face immediate detention. These people will no longer have the right to seek asylum, even if they are pregnant. The bill removes the 72 hour detention limit for pregnant women, and enables them to be sent to detention centres indefinitely, back to their home country or to Rwanda. Human lives are at stake.

There will be no way to claim asylum in the UK. Increasing numbers of desperately resilient individuals are entering the UK in any way they can. We are ashamed to live in a country where there are no viable legal routes to claim asylum for the majority of those fleeing violence, terror, war, death, abuse, slavery, torture and other atrocities.

At Project MAMA we stand in solidarity with all those seeking refuge and asylum against this disgusting bill. We will continue to offer community, support, love and compassion to the Mamas we meet and will not settle for this continued hostility against other human beings. 

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