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Habits for Healthy Mamas

There are many ways in which you can stay healthy during and after pregnancy. Our team wanted to share some ideas of healthy habits our mamas can incorporate to their day to day routines. Incorporating some of these… Read More

So far this year…

It’s been a busy first half of the year here at Project MAMA. Whilst most of 2020 was spent providing much needed practical support to families through lockdown, we have been able to get back to basics during… Read More

Woman holding a megaphone calls all Bristol Birth Workers to action

Calling all Bristol Birth Workers

Project MAMA needs you. We are looking for local doulas, midwifes, antenatal educators and other birth workers to join our team of volunteer Mother Companions. Our Mother Companions ensure each mama-to-be gives birth safely, makes informed choices and… Read More

New Ambassador Announcement

We are so excited to announce our new ambassador Gabriella Wilde who is coming on board to support the vital work we do at Project MAMA. Gabriella believes strongly in Project MAMA explaining, ‘properly valued and supported mothers… Read More

ProjectMAMA and Bristol BLM

We were proud to call ourselves a Bristolian project. This was re-confirmed by Sundays events with the toppling of the statue of a man responsible for the enslaving of 84,000 African people. We were proud of the communities… Read More

Project MAMA Response to COVID 19

Project MAMA is dedicated to protecting our communities and safeguarding the health of the expectant and new mothers that we support. In light of latest developments with Coronavirus, we are being conscientious in the way we are delivering… Read More

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