Bumps & Babes without Borders

Bumps and babes without borders

Speaking experience to power

At Project MAMA, we realise that our work is imperative owing to multiple layers of disadvantage which pervade within the UK and in a global context. We are developing an advocacy project to address this.

We are working with the people we support to develop our advocacy project.

This will ensure advice services are accessible and that referral pathways are clear and understood in order to provide mamas with comprehensive support.

We will ensure time is given to allowing mothers to speak out about the multiple layers of disadvantage they face, with particular emphasis and focus given to their experiences of birth and parenting.

We will make it our priority that truth is spoken to power, in order to inform and effect change at policy level.

Crucially, we will create space for discussion around mental health and wellbeing, considering the complex and ongoing challenges our clients face. 

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