Frequently Asked Questions

Why do asylum-seeking and refugee women need additional support?

We at Project MAMA think that maternity staff at the NHS do a great job at supporting women with the resources available. However many migrant women have additional stumbling blocks to contend with, such as getting used to a new healthcare system, grappling with language barriers and having already been through traumatic circumstances, really need extra support. Additionally, these women have often forcibly had to leave their homes and often have no community or family support in the UK.

What support will volunteer mother companions provide?

Our birth companions will support women and their families during pregnancy, labour and the weeks following birth. They will provide practical support, emotional care and information during this time. Our birth companions will also be there to advocate these women’s needs when required.

Crucially, the presence of a birth companion helps a woman in labour feel safe and confident throughout the birth, delivery and the immediate postpartum period.

Why isn’t Project MAMA a registered charity?

Project MAMA is currently functioning as an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation as we are still small and very much grassroots. As we grow and meet fundraising targets, we hope to become a registered charity.

Do you take donations of baby items?

We do take donations of some items, specifically good quality baby (0-12 months) and good quality maternity clothes. We also gratefully receive reusable nappies. Please contact the project to arrange drop-off if you would like to support us.

Our partners at Baby Bank Network collect much more than we do. If you have items, please donate them through contacting them here.


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