Mother Companions

Mother companions

One-to-one Specialist Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Support

Traditionally, doulas support individuals during the intense transformation of childbirth, helping them safely and gently bring their babies into the world. At Project MAMA, some of us identify as doulas, but some of us do not. As our role encompasses such a large scope, we call ourselves ‘Mother Companions’, a role dedicated to the support and nurturing of a woman during this crucial period. Our one-to-one support spans from any stage in pregnancy, throughout labour and childbirth and for the first 8 weeks of parenthood to help them adapt to their new role. We offer:

Emotional Support:  Space to un-pack ideas, concerns and wishes. Listening, giving encouragement, reassurance, and being a consistent physical & nurturing presence.  

Physical Support:  Helping with comfort measures, breath work, massage, relaxation, and guidance with infant feeding & settling.  

Information Support:  Sharing information, explanations and non-medical advice, guidance on NHS care, and signposting to partner agencies.

Advocacy:  Facilitating communication between the people we support and care providers so that they can make informed choices. Discussing rights & entitlements in pregnancy.

Where relevant, support for a Mother’s Partner:  Offering encouragement, reassurance & guidance on how to support the mother, their infant and themselves.

To make a referral for yourself or someone you know, please complete an online Request for Support.

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