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If you or someone you know would like support from our one-to-one Mother Companions, you’ve come to the right place.

Mother Companions offer individual-focused, holistic support to birthing people, who have migrated to the UK and live in Bristol, throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. 

We offer continuity of support, mamas mutually agree to regular visits from their Mother Companions who will:

– offer emotional support around pregnancy, unpacking thoughts, wishes and choices surrounding birth
– offer support around understanding the UK maternity healthcare system, rights and entitlements
– offer on-call birth support for mamas through the duration of their labour and birth for those who would otherwise birth alone.
– offer continuation of 1:1 support into the immediate postnatal period upto 8 weeks postpartum
– use interpreting services for our one-to-one support sessions
– signpost/refer for needs outside of our remit

We do not:
– offer financial support or transport to/from appointments
– assist with admin tasks/form filling or provide advice around housing, immigration or benefits
– offer an alternative to medical care, midwives and doctors provide medical care and advice
– provide translation services outside of Project MAMA support sessions
– facilitate stand-alone access to Baby Bank Network items (this can be requested from midwives and health visitors)
– provide childcare for existing children or new baby
– provide postnatal only support

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If your system is not allowing you to access our form please download and fill in the blank Request for Support form, below, and email it to

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